Hello, I’m Robyn.

Registered Dietitian,

Certified Breastfeeding Specialist,

mother of two, 

and I’m here for you.

My passion has always been feeding babies long before I became a mother, but I will say that becoming a mother and experiencing first hand the true struggles of breastfeeding just put gasoline on the fire. I had to use everything I have learned professionally and personally to help moms.


Speaking of personal, if these give you some more insight… I’m an Enneagram 1, ISFP, gemini and lover of cats. I’m also Canadian – which, yay health care! But it’s not perfect. There are gaps in our system and I fill them. If you’re that person saying “I’ve slipped through the cracks” – I’m here for you.

What I do

I give you unconditional support of what is best for YOU and how you want to feed your baby.

… so you will feel seen, heard, understood, validated. I am forever #teamYOU.

I use a baby-led approach to understanding the whole picture to find and treat the root cause of your struggles.

… so you will have a customized action plan that will actually solve the problem.

Robyn Price - Breastfeeding Babies
Breastfeeding and Nutrition Consults with Robyn Price

This helps with

Shallow latch

Pain with feeds

The “lazy baby”

Gassy gut

Getting enough to grow

Low milk supply




(because we all know googling baby poop is NO HELP)

and so much more!

wherever you are in your journey – 

I have many ways to help.


Personalized Help

Finally have peaceful feeds with a content, milk drunk baby that is comfortable and easy for you BOTH so you can be more present and enjoy this stage of life.



Online Workshops and Courses

Giving you the information you are looking for, along with actionable tips and tricks to try today. Available worldwide.



Off the ‘Gram Blog

Sift through my instagram posts with the search bar and browse my most helpful story series beyond the 24 hour expiration.



Affiliate Courses + Products

Get my go-to recommendations of online courses for solids, baby care, baby sleep and more. Dive into the books to get self help on a certain problem. Snag the baby carrier I LIVE in. I truly believe in these resources for you.


What the officials say

For the “colicky”, gassy baby…


“Changing the way the baby is nursed at the breast may be all that is required to improve the situation, rather than changing the mother’s diet (or the baby’s diet, if the baby is already eating foods in addition to breast milk). Help from a lactation consultant may be required.”

– North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition


Well, I am that dietitian AND lactation consultant

Healthy Nutritional Breakfast for Breastfeeding Moms
Robyn Price RD - The Breastfeeding Dietitian

Robyn Price, RD CBS

“I am here to meet you where you are and support you to feed your baby the way you want to.”